Sure you have heard words used during the last decade such as: Customer Experience, User Experience (or UX) Design, Solution Design, Digital Transformation, Digitalisation, Branding etc… They all are very exiting words but what we find interesting is that the processes behind these words are really based on very similar design principals.

Customer Experience, UX Design, Solution Design, Digital Transformation, Digitalisation, Branding - All processes are based on the same principals...


The basics of Design Thinking is really about truly understanding a problem or need and design a solution for it. Wether it’s app design, web design, industrial design, interior design, fashion design or help transform an organisation the process can be simplified into these steps:

1. Research to empathize with your customers and understand their needs.
2. Research to understand your business requirements, vision and needs.
3. Design & Prototype possible solutions.
4. Test the solutions (on your customers for products. On your people during a digital transformation process).
5. Learn from the results and adjust your solutions accordingly.
6. Repeat cycle to always keep on improving.

"We've gotten amazing feedback from our customers on their work... I absolutely recommend to work with Mobile Applied!".

— CRISTIAN SUAZO. CEO & Founder Boka Rum.


Products that are based on good Research and truly understanding your customers needs before developing a product can address your costumers’ needs more efficiently and as a result be more successful. Under-estimating the importance of the Design process can lead to either releasing a product that does not work as intended or low market success comparing with the other projects who are doing it. Same goes for helping your organisation adapt quickly and efficiently to the use of these digital products. So, in the end, it’s more expensive not investing in Design processes comparing with the cost of doing it.